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Regulators’ update

Health and care regulators

General Chiropractic Council

New Education Standards and Quality Assurance Processes

The GCC has developed new Education Standards which will come into effect from 1 September 2017 and replace its 2010 Decree Recognition Criteria. A guide for education providers – a quality assurance handbook – has also been developed. This follows on from a review the GCC started in 2015. The new Standards and handbook are available on the GCC’s website.

General Dental Council

Though the discussion period has now closed for the GDC's Shifting the balance, the GDC would still like stakeholders to engage with it and you can still get in touch by emailing with any feedback.

General Optical Council

The GOC has published a summary of the responses it received to its Education Strategic Review Call for Evidence. The responses show a broad consensus across the sector that the system of optical education and training is in need of change and that there is an appetite for this.

The GOC’s Education Strategic Review call for evidence ran from December 2016 to March 2017 and sought feedback on 17 wide-ranging questions about the future of eye care delivery and the implications for the education of optical professions. A range of detailed and considered responses were received from 55 stakeholders

General Osteopathic Council

The GOsC is seeking views on its draft practice note on consensual disposal of fitness to practise cases.  ‘Consensual disposal’ allows for fitness to practise cases to be concluded by agreement following the investigation stage of a complaint and is an alternative to referring the case forward for a full hearing by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) in cases where the PCC has reviewed the evidence and considers that the complaint should be dealt with by admonishing the osteopath. The draft Practice Note for the PCC explains how the procedure will operate. It also sets out a number of criteria to be used to identify the cases suitable for consideration under the Rule 8 procedure. The deadline for responses is 4 September 2017.

General Pharmaceutical Council

New Standards for pharmacy professionals come into effect

The new standards came into effect on 12 May 2017 and all pharmacy professionals in Great Britain will have to meet them. The nine standards describe how safe and effective care is delivered through person-centred professionalism, and replace the standards of conduct, ethics and performance. 

The standards reflect feedback from more than 2,700 pharmacy professionals and organisations, members of the public and other stakeholders about what is important in receiving safe and effective care; what it means to be a professional; and what will uphold public trust in pharmacy. You can find out more from the GPhC’s website.

New guidance on religion, personal values and beliefs

This new guidance  helps pharmacy professionals when their religion, personal values or beliefs might impact on their willingness to provide certain services. It is the first major review of guidance to sit under the GPhC’s new standards for pharmacy. The guidance also emphasises the important responsibilities of employers for creating and maintaining a person-centred environment and ensuring the safe and effective delivery of pharmacy services, as well as creating fair working environments for employees. The new guidance incorporates feedback heard through the consultation process. 

Health and Care Professions Council

Revised Standards of education and training and guidance

The HCPC has released revised Standards of education and training (SETs) and guidance. The SETs are the standards against which HCPC assesses education and training programmes. A programme which meets the SETs allows learners who successfully complete that programme to meet the standards of proficiency for their profession, and are eligible to apply to the HCPC for registration. You can find out more about the new standards from the HCPC’s website.

Revised guidance on returning to practice published

The HCPC has also published revised guidance on returning to practice. The guidance is designed to to help people who have taken a break from practice, or are considering doing so, to understand the HCPC’s requirements for coming back on to the HCPC Register. You can download a copy of the revised guidance from the HCPC’s website.

Nursing and Midwifery Council

Professionalism guide launched

Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs), supported by the NMC, have come together to set out what professionalism means for nurses and midwives. Enabling professionalism in nursing and midwifery is a guide aimed at all nurses and midwives and sets out what ‘professionalism’ can look like in everyday practice.

Radical overhaul of nursing education announced

The NMC has launched a new education consultation. The consultation is seeking views on a wholesale review of the standards that UK trained nurses will need to meet before they can work as a registered nurse. The consultation also sets out proposals for a new education framework for nursing and midwifery education.

The consultation on proposed pre-registration education standards for the future nurse runs until 12 September.