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Accredited registers update 


It's been a busy year for the accredited registers' team. See some of our key statistics and highlights for 2016/17.


Plugging the workforce gap’: we talk about Accredited Registers at Health+Care 2017

Last month we attended Europe’s ‘largest integrated health and social care event’ at London’s ExCel. Our workshop, held on the first day of this two-day event, set out to examine the dilemma faced by many commissioners and employers – how to design and train a workforce that can meet the complex needs of our growing population, and how new models of care can take a new approach to recruiting practitioners.

Our panel was well placed to present a variety of views: it included Dr Nav Chana, Chair of the National Association of Primary Care; Dr Phil Moore, a practising GP and Deputy Chair of Kingston CCG; Nick Hollier, Deputy Director of Corporate Services at London Borough of Bexley; and Christine Braithwaite, the Authority’s Director of Standards and Policy.

The panel each presented their views on the challenges that workforce planning must meet. A clear theme that emerged in our workshop, as well as in others on the day, was the idea of a more pragmatic and less unwieldy approach to delivering services to suit the needs of individual patients, rather than expecting patients to fit into outdated models of care.

NHS Scotland 2017

NHS Scotland conferenceHeld in Glasgow’s SEC, the annual NHS Scotland conference was our home for two days on 20 and 21 June. The Authority attended the event as one of the many exhibitors and we were pleased to be able to talk to many delegates about our role, about the accredited registers programme as well as our work with the statutory regulators.

Over 1,500 people attended NHS Scotland 2017 and many were unfamiliar with the Authority. While we are a UK body, the devolution of health means that each of the four countries operates differently and this often requires us to adjust our working style accordingly. We have set out a clear engagement plan for Scotland in 2017 and will continue to liaise with our counterparts in the Scottish government and in other organisations across the country.

Interest in becoming an Accredited Register continues to grow

We were pleased to welcome two new applications in recent weeks from the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) and the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP).

The RCCP holds a voluntary register for practitioners in six disciplines of clinical physiology. Clinical physiologists are involved in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions, many of which are sensitive or invasive, such as audiologists, cardiac physiologists and sleep physiologists.

The JCCP will hold a register of non-surgical cosmetic practitioners. The JCCP was established in January 2016 following the publication of the Health Education England reports on qualifications in the non-surgical cosmetic sector. The JCCP expects to launch its register later in the year.

Strength in numbers: about the Accredited Registers Collaborative

David Kidney, Chief Executive of UKPHR explains why it is important for the registers to cooperate and collaborate

The aim of the Accredited Registers Collaborative is to provide a forum for exchanging views and sharing ideas between all accredited registers. Membership is open to all registers accredited by the Authority. We support the core principles and values of the accredited registers programme and disseminate them to wider audiences.

The Collaborative encourages and facilitates communication between the accredited registers and supports communication between them and other external audiences. We put forward the collective views of accredited registers to the Authority, government departments and other relevant health organisation stakeholders on matters relating to the programme and its relationship to the quality of health care and practice delivered by registrants.

Representatives of accredited registers meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest and, where there is unanimous agreement, take action together. The Collaborative’s Chair, Margaret Coats, Chief Executive and Registrar, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, sends correspondence on our behalf to the Authority and other organisations and we have devised a protocol governing our sharing of information from our public registers. Meetings are minuted and the minutes are circulated to all members.

The Collaborative specifically scrutinises the effectiveness of the accredited registers programme, considers proposals (from whatever source) for changes to the programme and makes proposals for change where we consider them to be appropriate.

We were pleased to contribute to a session at the Annual Conference for Accredited Registers on 8 May (see more about the conference below). Carol Granger, Chair of the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission, and Mary Walker, Registrar and Director of Professional Standards, Association of Child Psychotherapists gave presentations at a session called A healthy mind in a healthy body. There was a large audience and an active discussion, chaired by David Kidney, Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Register, about the multifactorial and multidisciplinary nature of public health practice in the context of a population’s health and wellbeing.

For any registers seeking accreditation, or thinking about doing so, you are welcome to contact the Collaborative for an informal discussion about what accreditation entails and about the work of the Collaborative.

You can contact the Collaborative by emailing David at: or  calling: 0121 296 4370 or write to: 18c Mclaren Building, 46, Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR

Accredited Registers Conference 2017: Modern Solutions for the Modern World

We were delighted to hold our 2017 conference on 8 May in London. The conference provided an opportunity for registers to get together to hear speakers on a range of topics related to public health, regulation and registration. The Royal Society for Public Health presented the initial findings from our joint project looking into whether and how practitioners on accredited registers can be greater utilised in helping to deliver the UK’s public health agenda. We were lucky to have excellent speakers throughout the day, including Professor Sian Griffiths OBE, Duncan Stephenson from the Royal Society for Public Health, Matthew Hill from the General Dental Council, and many others.

We were pleased to hear that attendees greatly valued the conference, with the presentations and workshops during the day all rated very highly. We look forward to planning next year’s event, and will be once again collaborating with the accredited registers on the topics to be covered. .

A R Conference May 2017