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Accredited registers

Let’s Work Together campaign launched at Primary Care and Public Health 2016

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In May, we enjoyed meeting hundreds of primary care practitioners and other colleagues at this event at the NEC. Our campaign – Let’s Work Together – which launched there, will raise awareness of the 22 registers (and counting) that are now accredited, representing 29 occupations and over 70,000 practitioners. 

Read our campaign leaflet targeting GPs and CCGs to find out more. This is just the first stage and we will focus on other key audiences in the coming months. 

A warm welcome to Graham Mockler, Head of Accreditation

We said farewell to Rick Borges last month, our Accreditation Manager, who skilfully oversaw the creation and launch of the accredited registers programme. Rick has moved to a new role in the banking sector. 

Our new Head of Accreditation is Graham Mockler. Graham has extensive experience of the healthcare sector and joins us from the Royal College of Surgeons.

The Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (GCRB) becomes our 21st register and Save Face becomes our 22nd

PSA_AR_mark - small crop We were pleased to announce in June that we had accredited the GCRB. Genetic counsellors are health professionals who help people to understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and family implications of genetic conditions. We look forward to working with the GCRB to promote the benefits of using practitioners on accredited registers. 

Save Face  – a register of non-surgical cosmetic practitioners quickly followed to become our 22nd register accredited. Announcing the accreditation, Harry Cayton, the Authority's CEO said,

“We are very pleased to accredit Save Face’s register. Bringing these practitioners into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality. The programme offers a new layer of protection for people receiving health services, and gives non-surgical cosmetic practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to good practice.”

Updated our education and training standards

Having commissioned a review of our approach to assessing Standard 9 (education and training), we put forward a series of recommendations to the Authority’s Board for consideration. The Board subsequently agreed that our education and training standards should be explicit to the public and that the wording of Standard 9 should be changed to make this requirement clearer. 

As a result of this review and a public consultation, on 1 April we introduced Standard 9e to the Accreditation Standards which reads:

9e) Makes its education and training standards explicit and easily accessible to the public to enable all those using the register to make informed decisions.