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Getting Involved - Respond to our consultations

Performance Review

We recognise that the regulators are committed to their role in ensuring the health and safety of patients and the public, and we have worked effectively with them to support their work over a number of years.

As the nature of health and care practice evolves, and professional regulators meet new and increased challenges, it is vital that the performance review continues to provide a robust and consistent assessment of the work that the regulators undertake.

We felt that the performance review had become a bit repetitive and routine and it was time for a change.  We have included a new area on ‘regulatory risk’ and plan to make use of exception reporting.  Please take a look at what we are proposing and give us your views. Click here

Accredited Registers

The Professional Standards Authority commissioned a review of the education and training standard (Standard 9 of the Standards for Accredited Registers). The recommendations from this review were put before the Board. The Board agreed that the Accredited Registers’ education and training standards should be made clear to the public.

As a result the Authority is proposing to amend the wording of Standard 9 to make this requirement clearer and to amend the assessment process to take these changes into account. Please take a look and give us your feedback. Click here

Responding to your feedback

Public’s views on social workers

We commissioned some research into the public’s views of social workers. Interestingly the research found that the public were generally forgiving of single errors but were more concerned with consistent poor practice and unethical behavior.  We will use these findings to help us in our oversight of the work of the Health and Care Professions Council which regulates social workers in England.

Information on our website

We recently asked a small number of stakeholders for some feedback on our website. We will be using this to make some changes to the content of our site and improve your ability to find things you are looking for.  One of the things we will be looking to improve is our information about complaints, which people told us they find complicated.