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Limited time left to respond

Consultation on the future shape of the Accredited Registers Programme

Since 2012, the Accredited Registers programme has steadily grown, providing essential oversight for healthcare roles which aren’t regulated by law, including counsellors and psychotherapists, healthcare scientists, foot health practitioners and sonographers.

Why now?

Almost 10 years on, it’s clear that the programme could do more, for patients, for the public, for employers and commissioners, and for the healthcare system in general. This has been brought into even sharper focus by the extraordinary demands of the pandemic.

In June last year, we launched an ambitious strategic review of the Accredited Registers programme. By revisiting our original aims from 2012, and by engaging with as wide a range of stakeholders as possible, we’re on the path to creating a programme that is truly fit for the future.

What is this consultation about?

The consultation sets out proposals for how the programme can:

  • Support the delivery of NHS healthcare and social care workforce plans in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The pandemic has highlighted the need for greater integration of health and social care, and of the value of mental health care delivered by unregulated roles.
  • Become a requirement for employers using healthcare practitioners in unregulated roles in the UK, and social care in unregulated roles in England
  • Support innovation and be able to respond quickly to change.

We want your views

As part of the review, on 10 December, we announced the launch of our public consultation. We want to hear from you about what you think the Accredited Registers programme should look like, in the future.

There is only a week left to respond as the deadline is 18 February and we encourage everyone with an interest in unregulated roles in health and social care to respond.

Your views are important to us and can make all the difference. If you have any questions about the consultation or the strategic review, we’re happy to answer them. You can email us at

Find out more about the consultation from our website, including the full document and a summary of the questions (available in both English and Welsh).

You can also find out more from our website about: