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Regulatory news

Protecting the public  Appeals update

We have appealed five cases which are currently awaiting hearing (four with the High Court of Justice in England and Wales and one with the Court of Session in Scotland).

There have been two appeal hearings since our last e-newsletter, both of which resulted in our appeals being upheld. The first appeal related to an NMC case where charges had not been brought to deal with a nurse covering up a medication error. This case has been sent back to the NMC for a new hearing with additional charges. The second appeal related to an HCPC case where a paramedic’s criminal conviction for a serious offence had not been treated properly when sanction was imposed. That case has been sent back to the HCPC panel to reconsider the appropriate sanction.  

We have been granted permission to appeal a decision of the High Court to the Court of Appeal in the case of an HCPC registrant which will be heard in January next year.

We have joined the GMC in one of its appeals of an MPTS decision under the procedure for the GMC’s new right of appeal. One of our appeals awaiting hearing involves an MPTS decision that was not appealed by the GMC.

Performance reviews

Two more reports published

GPhC performande review 2015/16 coverIn our summer newsletter, we mentioned we had just published our first annual performance review – the GosC’s – under our revised process. We have now published performance reviews for the GPhC and the HCPC and all the other reviews are now underway. We have also just published on our website our schedule for next year – it gives the deadlines for sharing your experience of the regulators and indicates when we will assess each regulator’s performance and decide on what further review might be needed. You can read more about the performance review process in this issue’s Viewpoint. Needless to say, whenever you make a big change, as we have done with our performance review process, it gives you the opportunity to look at things afresh. We have already learnt a lot from the reviews we have carried out to date and will look at making changes and improving the process for next year. One of the things to come out of our review process this year is that at our Standards of Good Regulation are in need of a refresh. More information about how we will do this is below.

The Standards of Good Regulation: time for a refresh

We have decided to look at refreshing our Standards of Good Regulation. We use the Standards to measure how effectively the regulators we oversee are protecting the public and promoting public confidence through their regulatory work. The Standards set out what we think good regulation looks like, as well as how good regulation promotes and protects the health, safety and wellbeing of patients, service users and the public.

The Standards have now been in place for a number of years and some of the areas that we include in the current Standards may no longer be as relevant or useful as when they were first introduced.

We want to make sure that the Standards continue to measure the right things in the right way and that they are properly focusing on risks and regulatory outcomes. We are keen to hear the views of a wider range of people and organisations including members of the public, groups representing patients and public interests, employers’ groups and registrant representative organisations. We will be speaking to stakeholders who are interested in our work throughout the autumn and launching a public consultation in 2017. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that you would like to share please contact us by emailing Teena Chowdhury.

Health Select Committee

parliament Though the summer may now be a dim and distant memory – in early July, we appeared before the House of Commons’ Health Committee. We had just published our annual report and overview of professional regulation and were there to give evidence on the performance of the professional regulators we oversee. We were also asked for our views on the future regulation of health professionals. You can read an account on our website or even see us in action on Parliament TV. The Authority was represented by our Chair George Jenkins, Harry Cayton, our Chief Executive, and Philip Hallam, Assistant Director of Scrutiny and Quality.